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About us

IKONOS Large Format Printing Media is one of the leading European manufacturers of printing media for Solvent , eco Solvent, UV and Latex for indoor and outdoor applications.

The idea of establishing the production of large format printing media by our company appeared because most of LFP products that were being sold on the market were imported from Asia – Where transport costs and time are not so convenient and the quality lacks consistency -. We thought that entering both the Polish and the European market with a high-quality large format printing media production would be a brilliant move.

Our modern production line was the investment that enabled us to manufacture high-quality LFP media. The line being brand new, is capable of producing various products, so we as a company are open to our customers' suggestions.

Thanks to the fact that the media are produced in Poland, in the centre of Europe, short delivery time is guaranteed, which is very important to our customers. In case of importing products from Asia, media arrive after at least 6 weeks or even more. Our production capacity makes it possible for us to sell the media wholesale in the whole Europe. Our big advantage is that there is no minimum order quantity requested whereas in Asian market minimum order quantity is a complete container.

Besides, the most important advantage is the stability of production, constant quality checks and thus retention of quality, which we have achieved thanks to our know-how, qualified workers and being open to the market's needs. Chemicals for our products are supplied by international corporations.

Our goal is to make our production 100% ecological, the direction that we are continuously developing towards.

Our mission, our vision

Our company’s crucial goals are:

to supply the most modern and complex large format printing solutions,
to form long-lasting business relationships with our customers,
to adjust to the market’s demands,
continuous development.
Well-qualified, motivated employees, the most modern equipment, exploitable materials and international-wide range are our distinguishing marks.

We are a dynamic company that is independent from outside investors. Being independent, flexible, as well as being in constant development are the main pillars of our company’s philosophy.

We aim at being a leader Brand in LFP media production and distribution.
Being a leader means:

  • offering more than others, constantly raising the bar, raising standards,
  • being competitive, predictable, caring and ambitious,
  • to emanate optimism, which enables to overcome difficulties and reach ambitious goals.

Our objectives:

  • always aiming at customers’ satisfaction,
  • facing new challenges,
  • working as a team,
  • always being honest,
  • remembering that work is a recipe for success.

Media Ikonos company participates in the Innovative Economy Program for the years 2007-2013.
Its goal is to enter new export markets as well as strenghten company's competitiveness.

This project is being implemented with support from the European Unions' European Regional Development Found

Priority IV Polish economy on the foregin market

Activity 6.1 Passport to export

The name of the project: Implementation of PRE (Export Development Plening) in order to promote the Media Ikonos brand abroad by increasing export of the Company.

Duration of the project: 01.03.2012 - 28.02.2014

The value of the project: 140 000,00 zł

The amount of funding from the European Regional Development Found: 70 000,00 zł

Media Ikonos company has participated in the Regional Operation Program of Opolskie Region for the years 2007-2013. The goal is to launch new products and services on the national/ foreign markets as well as strengthen the company's competitiveness. This project is being implemented with support from the European Regional Development Found.

Priority 1. Strengthen of economical attractivness of the region

Activity 1.1 Development of the entrepreneurship

Sub-activity 1.1.2 Investments of micro-enterprises

The name of the project: Implementation of new services as a response to the identified needs of the national/ foreign markets.

Duration of the project: 01.04.2010 - 28.02.2012

The value of the project: 140 000,00 zł

The amount of funding from the European Regional Development Found: 629,391,49 PLN